8th September was stated by UNESCO as the day for International Literacy Day. It means, every year people around the world celebrate the day to remind them the importance of literacy in alphabeth and numeracy.

Tumbuh Primary School also took part to hold the event with various kinds of fun activities. Firstly, *Words Estafet*. The children has to take word that had already whispered by the teacher. They used chopstick to take the words one by one and arranged them into good sentences.
Next, *Secret Code*. Students had to pass spider web and revealed the secret code. Thirdly, *Complete the Rhyme*. They have to Complete the Rhyme, but before that they were going to play balloon train. After that is *wefie*. The children had to find words among many letters then they used it as clue to play wefie. Fifth and sixth are *The story of Mousedeer and Crocodile* and *Rocking Pencil*. The students had to work together to across the path only with provided Runner mat and after that write Happy International Literacy Day with a pencil that tied to ropes.