But with Apple customers worldwide working and learning from home, iPad and Macintosh computer sales skyrocketed to their highest levels ever. And fiscal-year revenue hit an all-time record too, of $275 billion. That helped Apple’s stock price soar; it gained 80.7% in 2020.

Apple Ranks Third in Annual Fortune 500 List With $275 Billion Revenue

The latter is more profitable, with a gross profit margin of 70.5% in its most recent quarter ended Sept. 25. Apple’s services segment boasts a whopping 745 million paying subscriptions, up more than 160 million from the year prior. By contrast, the Nasdaq index in the US, which includes many large tech companies, hit a fresh record on Tuesday. It has almost doubled since the collapse in share prices in the immediate aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.

Why is Apple’s market cap so high?

The reason is to know how much one can gain if the performance repeats in the future. In addition to the highest price value, you will see sections that analyze various factors related to the price value and timeframe. Prior to Apple stock’s value recovery after a better than expected quarter, one hedge fund got rid of all of its holdings in the iPhone maker, and another went in big. On occasion, you may want to allow other people in your home to access your Mac, but not your personal account.

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Since last spring, Apple’s share has increased in value by 150 percent, despite the ongoing pandemic. Since last spring, Apple’s share has increased in value by 150%, despite the difficulties caused by the ongoing pandemic. Netcials reports section helps you with deep insights into the performance of various assets over the years. We are constantly upgrading and updating our reports section.

Apple Green-Lights iPhone 16 Pro Display Production

As of the first quarter of 2022, the iPhone held 62% of global market share in smartphones costing over $400. Despite their popularity, Apple’s desktops and laptops hold a small global market share of personal computers. In fact, as of the fourth quarter of 2021, its market share in the personal computer space was 7.7%.

Companies split stocks to create new shares in order to boost liquidity. Although the total number of shares in existence changes, splits don’t alter value because the total dollar value of the shares remains the same. Apple’s stock has split several times since it first went public in December 1980. The first split came on June 16, 1987, on a two-for-one basis at a pre-split price of $79. Through that lens, Apple is doing very well based on its market cap, which ranks it among the world’s most valuable companies. The agreement is thought to include some US tariffs relief, which is likely to help companies like Apple that are affected by the extra import charges.

Stock Price vs. Market Capitalization

Apple’s strong results have gone a long way in lifting its stock price. Indeed, it’s up 32% year to date in 2021 and 315% over the last three years. The stock is at record highs and has some investors asking if there is any room left for it to go higher.

We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple platforms. One person who’s been alert to Apple’s rapid recovery is Bill Gates, who bought half a million shares for his foundation several months ago and saw their value rise by 25%. We also have a report on the Apple’s financial results for the final quarter of its fiscal 2020. The stock gained as much as 2.2% in morning and early afternoon trading, hitting as high as $184.95, shattering its prior all-time high of $182.94 achieved last January. In terms of private companies, Forbes ranks Minnesota-based Cargill as the largest private U.S. company with $134.4 billion in annual revenues. Second is Koch Industries with $115 billion in revenues and 122,000 employees.

In 2003, Apple had an approximate market cap value of $7.88 billion. China’s main market research company is out with its latest data, and as the iPhone 16 creeps closer, the iPhone 15 is continuing its recovery in the country. Perhaps I will treat myself to a nice steak dinner tonight, or maybe I’ll buy a new iPad Pro if one is announced soon, or maybe I’ll do both! And now I just use DRIP for the dividends, so that my share amount will slowly but surely increase every single quarter. What matters more is the percentage change in the share price.

Google has products and services in education, GPS navigation, global business mapping, web conferencing, cloud storage, email communication, and autonomous transportation. The advent of generative AI played right to the company’s strengths, and Palantir quickly developed a solution https://www.broker-review.org/ that businesses could actually use. The ensuing excitement has pushed the stock price up 239% since early last year. Apple originally forecasted to produce 90 million iPhone 13 models during the final three months of the year, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

As that year wound down, regulators fixed their sights on Apple for potentially abusing its power over the iOS app store. A House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee report in October concluded that Apple “exerts monopoly power” in its app store to harm competition and increase prices for consumers. Meanwhile, testimony in an antitrust lawsuit filed by Fortnite developer Epic Games will likely increase pressure on legislators to limit Apple’s power. Before we look at the highest stock prices, let’s touch on the difference between stock prices and market capitalization. While equating a soaring stock price with a thriving business is tempting, that’s not the reality. A company may not have a lot of shares outstanding, meaning its overall value isn’t as high as you might think.

However, Apple’s entrance into the metaverse could open up another multi-billion dollar opportunity for the company as it looks to steal market share away from Meta and other incumbents. Per IDC’s forecast, the market for AR/VR headsets will increase from 9 million units in 2021 to 50 million by 2025. Despite weaker than anticipated iPhone 13 demand, the company is not anchoring itself on one singular product release. Apple is investing in new product development and investors should expect to see these materialize in 2022.

It’s trading at a price-to-free-cash flow of 31.95, which is near its high point in the last decade. Similarly, its forward price-to-earnings ratio of about 30 is the highest it’s been all year. Apple’s (AAPL 0.53%) stock has been on fire this year (and over the past several years).

  1. However, the company’s stock price only gained seven cents the same day the phone was released.
  2. From chocolate candy makers to mining companies, the list of stocks that have reached such high share prices is diverse.
  3. Palantir Technologies (PLTR 3.77%) has been in the spotlight in recent years.
  4. A company with a $10 share price that had sold 1,000 shares would be worth $10,000, for example — decidedly small-cap.
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For those interested in investing in Berkshire, the company’s B shares (BRK.B) are much more affordable, closing at $398.58 on May 1, 2024. Apple’s most recent earnings report makes it hard to justify the company’s price-to-earnings ratio of 30. Investors should expect more clarity on that over the next year.

The company sold about 270,000 units within its first 1.25 days on the market in June 2007. However, the company’s stock price only gained seven cents the same day the phone was released. Apple’s Mac products are another example of wildly successful Apple products. The iMac was released in May 1998, a month in which Apple’s stock price dipped to $26.69.

Such valuations reflect robust business models and market power, but often also the happenstance that some companies allowed their shares to rise very high before splitting their stocks. Market capitalization, calculated by multiplying the stock price by the total number of outstanding shares, provides legacyfx review a better measure of a company’s total value in the eyes of investors. Therefore, as you see the stock prices below, keep in mind that an entity’s value is not reflected just by its stock price but by the number of shares issued. It’s important to note some key points about Apple’s stock history.

The biggest questions revolve around when this growth could occur and to what magnitude. Although investors cannot go wrong taking a profit, Apple’s strong balance sheet and product expertise make it a compelling must-buy (and hold) stock for 2022. In late November, Morgan Stanley issued a note to investors highlighting that Apple is planning to launch a new hardware product, in particular an augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) headset. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is estimating that the headset could launch during the fourth quarter of 2022. Apple’s entrance to the metaverse looks even more likely as a new Bloomberg report suggests that the company hired Meta Platforms’ (META -1.54%) augmented reality communications lead. After a few months of turbulence as a result of the ongoing pandemic, Apple’s stock has clearly recovered.